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The White Label Firm launch exciting new campaigns


Jersey City-based marketing agency, The White Label Firm have revealed how they have been asked to create a number of fresh marketing campaigns for three exciting new clients.

The White Label Firm is an outsourced sales and marketing agency based in Jersey City, New Jersey. The firm are specialists in personalized marketing and work on behalf of a number of clients in order to create unique face-to-face campaigns. Each campaign is designed and implemented based on extensive market research of the ideal consumer. The White Label Firm believes that a one-to-one connection with consumers is what helps them to increase their clients’ customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty.

With more traditional forms of marketing such as television advertising and radio marketing becoming increasingly expensive, many businesses are choosing to outsource their marketing to firms such as The White Label Firm. The White Label Firm believes that clients specifically choose them to outsource to because of their personalized marketing approach, which is something consumers have revealed they enjoy and are more likely to recommend.