Don’t Pack That Suitcase Just Yet Warns The White Label Firm


The White Label Firm believes summer is the ideal time to get ahead of the curve and impress professionally. Recently the firm have evaluated working over the summer vs. not working over the summer.

‘Don’t take a summer vacation’, that’s the advice for young professionals from The White Label Firm. However this statement from the Jersey City-based sales and marketing firm isn’t as controversial as it might first appear. The firm are fully aware of the importance time away from the work environment is and regularly encourage their contractors to take vacations in order to refocus and destress. The firm even organize regular R&R trips for their contractors to iconic destinations across the globe. However, whilst the firm are adamant that regular breaks are essential to professional success, when it comes to the summer months they believe that smart professionals choose work over play.

There are many reasons why The White Label Firm believe working over the summer is beneficial, especially for those looking to gain professional progression. Here, the firm have outlined some of the best here:

Gain Greater Focus

With co-workers and associates off soaking up the sunshine, the work environment is often quieter and calmer over the summer. This provides a distraction free environment that allows professionals to get more done. Fewer people also means fewer meetings so professionals may find they are able to free up some time in their schedule. The White Label Firm recommends using this time to learn a new skill or delve into a new field of interest.

More Opportunities

During the summer when managers and leaders are away, there are often some great opportunities for aspiring professionals to step up to the plate and take on more responsibility. Not only is this a brilliant experience for those looking to progress to leadership, with fewer people around it’s a great opportunity for professionals to build up their confidence and make more of an impact in the workplace.


The summer is often a period where a business slows down it’s processes, which makes it the perfect opportunity for professionals to finish the projects or work towards the goals that they have been keeping on the back burner. The daily grind can lead to professionals pushing certain tasks down on their list of priorities; however summer can pose the perfect time to catch up.

The White Label Firm strongly believes that working over the summer months can determine success for the end of the year. By choosing to focus and remain in a work environment, professionals can get ahead of their peers and take steps to further their professional development by taking advantage of the opportunities for one-on-one time with mentors and leaders.

The White Label Firm is an outsourced sales and marketing company based in Jersey City, New Jersey. The firm specializes in a unique form of direct sales and marketing which sees the firm create personalized campaigns that accurately represent their clients’ brands. These campaigns are designed in order to connect with consumers on a personal basis through face-to-face communication, which helps to create long-lasting connections between brand and consumer. This more personal approach to marketing leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.