Make Your Resume Stand Out!


Here are a few tips to make sure that your resume isn’t going unnoticed!

1.List all of your top transferable skills front and center! Why? Recruiters want to see exactly what you’re all about right away!
2. Choose the right format and font! You do not want to overwhelm your reader (or recruiter). They may not want to read through your resume if it looks crowded and disorganized.
3. Bullet point your work history! You do not want long descriptions for your previous work experience. A recruiter or potential employer will not want to read through something too extensive. You want it short, sweet and to the point so whoever reads it can get through your resume quickly and efficiently. Recruiters and job employers do not want to read about the tasks you preformed, rather what accomplishments you had while working in that previous position.

Recruiters only spend about 6 seconds reading each resume, so make sure your resume does not exceed one page and has specific, short, yet detailed information about yourself!

Best of luck!
The White Label Team


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