What Is

It all started out when a group of people decided to roll up their sleeves and approach big names to sell their stuff door to door, in fairs, events, anywhere where there are people and face to face interactions.

Marketing things to people one on one meant that their questions could be answered, they bonded with the brand and in turn were loyal to it long term. Arguably, one of the most traditional means of commerce, face to face sales or direct sales soon became a business model that to this day The White Label Firm adheres to.

The best way for us to sell and market your products is to get in front of who you want to have use it, gauge their reaction and position ourselves for them to buy it from you.

How do we do that?

Face to face – Hey how’s it going? Come check this out (in short)

To the eyes of the public we are your brand – you trust us with it.
To you, we ask for our Marketing Fee only once we deliver a paying customer – we get paid when you get paid.
To people, they receive a superior human service that puts them at ease to buy.

Trust the middle man