What we do

We are The White Label Firm. Our agency is a third party sales, promotions and marketing company. We are experts at delivering results.

“What we do”

Tired of not hitting your break-even, profit point or sales targets? Or are you looking to have your best year so far? Talk to us. Either way, we can help you generate more sales. As marketing specialists, we understand your need to focus on your domain of expertise.

If you are in the hospitality, agricultural, food, technology, financial, medical, security, or energy industry, our portfolio can guarantee a return on investment for  any promotional sales or marketing campaign we customize for you.

For a free consultation on the right sales strategy for you call: (201) 912-4393

Our Domain of Expertise

Business to Business Sales

Brand Awarnesss

Lead Generation

Promotional Site Activation

Mobile Marketing

Guerila Marketing

In Store Demonstration

Sporting Events Activation

Experimental Marketing

Our Philosophy

At The White Label Firm, Inc. our philosophy is to train the leaders of tomorrow.

In times of economic downturn, we decided to invest in our business by re-vamping our training methods. Our members have access to top notch technology which includes tablets and mobile applications designed as learning tools.

Our philosophy is that our business can only keep on growing if our people do too. For those reasons, not only do we have an open door policy and a mentorship program within the company, we also attend national and international seminars and conferences all year round to stimulate our team’s leadership, creative and innovative muscle.

All of our executives and managers have experienced the ground level of our company to understand the root of business: customer satisfaction. We hold an internal policy that any head of department, or campaign director, must have understood and mastered the ground level one on one sales presentations before diversifying their skill-set. Why? Because without this understanding, no business can thrive.

Our Clients

In this fast-paced technological age, large companies are shying away from solely using in-direct forms of marketing such as billboards, commercials and radio ads.

To really grab a consumer’s attention, The White Label Firm, Inc. takes it upon them to conduct personalized one on one presentations to deliver a compelling demonstration on why our clients products and services are the best fit for the target demographic.

By taking the time to give informative and truthful facts on the benefits of our clients products and services, we create deep personal connections with our customers ensuring a 100% satisfaction rating for our clients.

Our Vision

Our Goal is to take on your products or services, add our expert twist on it, then promote, sell and market to the public on your behalf to increase your profitability.