What’s your first impression like? Asks The White Label Firm


Jersey City-based The White Label Firm reveals their top tips every business professional should use when meeting potential clients, customers and employees to ensure they establish a positive business relationship right from the beginning.

First impressions count especially in business. The main assessment that is made will determine whether an individual is trustworthy or not. The White Label Firm develops engaging marketing campaigns for a range of clients. As such, the firm are the first point of contact their clients’ customers will have, so it is vital they represent them effectively. Therefore, The White Label Firm looks for talented young professionals who possess the ability to develop a personal brand message that will provide a snapshot of their clients’ brands.

As specialists in brand representation, The White Label Firm has outlined their top tips on how to make a great first impression with customers and other industry professionals:

  1. Listen a lot more than you talk – It is important to take an interest in others and really engage in a conversation. Mini tips to demonstrate engagement include: maintaining eye contact, using facial expressions that relate to the conversation and responding to any questions.
  2. Shift the spotlight to others – Place emphasis on what the other person does well; keep it genuine to maintain credibility. Pay attention to the small details as this will demonstrate a thorough understanding and attention.
  3. Put technology away – Be fully present in the moment. Ignore all smart devices and take the opportunity to take in all information whether it is verbal or behavioural. People will remember an individual’s commitment to making them feel heard.
  4. Give before you receive and assume you will never receive – Entrepreneurs should focus on giving in a new relationship. Avoid laying any focus on personal gain from the relationship.
  5. Don’t act self-important – This is a major no, no. It is a largely unattractive feature in a person and will prevent successful new relationships to be formed.
  6. Don’t discuss the failings of others – Although its human nature to enjoy a little gossip, it can be detrimental to the individual character of the one spreading the news. Trust is important in new relationships and this will raise doubt for new acquaintances.

The White Label Firm is an outsourced sales and marketing company based in Jersey City, New Jersey. The firm specializes in a unique form of direct sales and marketing which involves creating personalized campaigns that accurately represent their clients’ brands. The idea of these campaigns is to connect with consumers on a personal basis through face-to-face marketing techniques, which helps to create long-lasting business connections between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients. The firm support millennials in creating the habits needed to thrive as entrepreneurs and sales representatives.